5 Surprising Websites With Crossword Puzzles

websites with crossword puzzles

When people think of crossword puzzles, most would think of the New York Times. Or, another newspaper might come to mind. These are not the only places to solve crossword puzzles, though! In fact, there are plenty of websites with crossword puzzles anyone can solve for free.

#1  AARP

Many people know about the AARP and its service to senior citizens. Few people know about their daily free crossword puzzle, though. The AARP website also hosts an easy crossword, an expert crossword, and a 50th-anniversary crossword.

#2  The Smithsonian

The Smithsonian Institution, which runs 19 famous museums in Washington D.C. and the National Zoo, also hosts a print and online magazine. The online edition hosts a universal crossword puzzle. While you don’t need to visit their museums to solve the puzzle, it might help.

#3  Reader’s Digest

Before the days of the internet, Reader’s Digest offered readers skimmable stories they could read quickly. Now, its website is home to many bite-sized articles, games, and even jokes. Besides the card and arcade games, Reader’s Digest has over ten different kinds of daily crosswords for you to choose from. Play one now.

#4  Merriam-Webster

While someone might think to use the dictionary to solve a crossword, not everyone would think to use it to play one. The Merriam-Webster website has several free word games, including both a universal crossword puzzle and the L.A. Times daily crossword.

#5  Dictionary.com

Merriam-Webster isn’t the only dictionary to jump on the crossword bandwagon. Dictionary.com also hosts a daily crossword puzzle. If you’re having trouble solving it, Thesaurus.com can help you out, too. Don’t worry – they won’t consider it cheating.

Bonus: Crossword Hobbyist

Maybe it’s not surprising to solve crosswords at a site called “Crossword Hobbyist.” However, some people only know about the crossword puzzle maker or about the standard puzzles. In fact, there are hundreds of newspaper crosswords anyone can solve for free.

Keep in mind that this list of websites with crossword puzzles focuses on newspaper-style puzzles. Many wonderful sites offer standard crossword puzzles, which are great for kids or casual solvers. Fortunately, Crossword Hobbyist offers both. Play some standard crosswords now.

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