Free Online Crosswords Series: Popular Summer Crosswords

popular summer crosswords

Summer is in full swing, and it’s a great time to enjoy some grill and some games! Crossword puzzles make a great game for the beach, while staying cool indoors, or for wherever you might travel to. If you don’t know where to start, check out these seven popular summer crosswords. Fellow crossword fans made all of these, and you, too, can make your own.

#1  Friends

Looking to beat the heat this summer? Some people are binge-watching Friends for the eighth time. Plus, they’re spicing up their viewing party by testing their knowledge of the 90’s hit with this crossword.

#2  London Children’s Festival

Many people love to take the summer months to travel and take part in fun events. Some crossword enthusiasts are going to London, Ontario’s London Children’s Festival. Whether you can make it in person or not, you can still enjoy the fun with their crossword puzzle.

#3  Managing Stress

While summer comes with a lot of fun and games, stress can still rear its ugly head. For friendly reminders on how to manage stress, solve this crossword puzzle while relaxing with a cool beverage.

#4  Soccer

Soccer – or as it’s known outside of the United States, “football” – is in full swing this summer with the World Cup. American fans will enjoy watching a match with this crossword. Show off your sporty vocabulary by solving it faster than your soccer-loving friends!

#5  A Datica Crossword

Standard puzzles have all the fun in classrooms during the school year. During the summer, though, many people enjoy newspaper-style crosswords. Take some extra time to solve this newspaper-style crossword from a budding cruciverbalist while sitting on the beach.

#6  Dad’s Birthday Puzzle

Happy birthday, Dad! Even if it’s not your dad’s birthday, you can still enjoy solving a newspaper-style crossword puzzle in his name. This crossword with a beautifully constructed grid is sure to bring some summer fun, even to dads with winter birthdays.

#7  Jo Knows

Jo shows off quite a bit of knowledge in this newspaper-style crossword. The description suggests she might show off more knowledge in the future, too. See if you know as much as Jo by solving this 15×15 newspaper-style crossword online or in print.

Have you solved all these popular summer crosswords already? If so, share them with your friends to see who else can solve them. While you’re at it, go ahead and make your own! Make a stack of crosswords for your friends to enjoy at your next barbecue or beach party.


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