When Should Businesses Use Crosswords?

businesses use crosswords

You’ve seen it before: you’re on a business’ website when you stumble upon a crossword puzzle. Tons of professionals use them including accountants, children’s authors, educators, and more.

So why not add a crossword to your business website, too? With our crossword puzzle maker, you can make unique crosswords catered to your business. If you’re unsure whether one would go well on your site, consider these examples of how businesses use crosswords.

When Businesses Use Crosswords

Businesses use crosswords for many reasons, each one unique to the business. Most businesses have at least one of these four goals in mind when they add crosswords to their website.

#1 To condense lots of information.

Businesses that focus on complex topics or that need to share a lot of information will often use crossword puzzles. This will not only help potential clients understand what you do, it’ll give them confidence that you know your business and will help them to understand it, too.

#2 To appeal to families.

Run a business that serves families? Then your website is begging for unique crosswords! Customers and potential customers will appreciate the thoughtful and personal touch. Plus, it can help you build a new generation of clients.

#3 To add to a newsletter.

This is the most popular way for businesses to use crosswords. You can add a standard-style crossword or a newspaper-style crossword to your email or print newsletter.

#4 To promote a new product.

Crosswords are a great way to get the buzz out about your new offerings. It’ll keep potential customers on your sales page longer. This means they’re more likely to read the information in front of them, too. You can even use crosswords as part of the product itself.

When Should Businesses NOT Use Crosswords?

If you’re still not sure if crosswords are right for your business, consider these no-nos. Crosswords are quite flexible and can be used in many situations. However, there are a few examples of when a business might not want to use a crossword.

If your business focuses on a sensitive subject.

This is subjective, but you’ll need to use good judgment when creating crosswords for your business website. Usually, they work best to help a client understand a topic. However, if your business or organization deals with a sensitive topic, crosswords might come off as too light-hearted.

When your website has too many technical problems.

If your business has been having technical difficulties with the website, it might be best to work those out before adding crosswords. Although crossword themselves are well designed for desktop and mobile solving, it’ll frustrate visitors if they go to solve a crossword and it doesn’t work.

And that’s pretty much it! For the most part, all kinds of businesses use crosswords, and not just on their websites. They’ll use them for printed promotional materials, as a waiting room game, and more. Many businesses will use word searches, too, which offer a different kind of fun, educational activity.

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